Barnes Coat of Arms:

A coat of arms for the "Barnes" Family  - but this doesn't mean that it is the coat of arms for our branch of the Barnes Family. As my ancestors were farm labourers not able to write or even spell their own names I doubt if they would have had such an elaborate coat of arms!
 The information about Barnes being the family name of the Barons Gorell is mentioned in the Penguin Dictionary of Surnames. The title Baron Gorell was created in the peerage of the United Kingdom in 1909. A Major Henry Gorell Barnes D.S.O. of the Royal Field Artillery was killed on the 16th January 1917 - he was 35 years old. He is buried in LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERY, Belgium. He was the 2nd Baron Gorell. 
Another variation, this one seems to have lost the leopard(?) at the top but gained lions rampant on both sides of the shield. Makes for a nice drinks coaster though.   
For more Barnes Coats of Arms, follow this link to YouTube