Bramshill House - Or is it:

Is this Bramshill House and which one of the seated persons is Thomas Barnes? Is he one of the young lads or are they too young to be Thomas - the date of this photograph is not known.

In 1861 Thomas was a 'servant' in Swallowfield - aged 22 - and perhaps this is consistent with the chap with the moustache. Or could he be much older and this photograph was taken in London? 
Bramshill House is reputed to be haunted - the Legend of the Mistletoe Bough tells of the bride who on her wedding day plays hide and seek and hides in an old chest in the attic and finding herself trapped, suffocates to death.  The story is that she wanders the house to this day looking for someone to release her. Bramshill House has been a police college since 1953.  The current building dates back to 1605 - although some of the original outbuildings have since been demolished. It has not been possible to identify where in the grounds of Bramshill House that this photograph was taken.