1914 Star:

Instituted in April 1917 for service ashore in France and Flanders between 5th August and 22nd November 1914. It was issued to members of the British Expeditionary Force who had served in France and Belgium during the period.

On the 19th October  1919 a clasp bearing the above dates was authorised and given to those individuals who had actually been under fire between the prescribed dates.

The 1914 Star is also known as the "Mons Star"

The 1914 Star differs from the 1914/15 Star in that it is inscribed with Aug-Nov 1914 and the 1914/15 Star has a scroll with the dates 1914 - 15.  The medal ribbons are identical.

365,622 1914 Stars were issued and approximately 145,000 clasps were awarded.

The medal shown is a die struck reproduction of the original 1914 Star complete with clasp and part of my medal and war badge collection. It was purchased from World Medals (link will open in a new window).

An original 1914 Star is valued at between 65 to 85. This increases to between 100 and 145 if the clasp was awarded. A 1914 Star Trio group is worth upwards of 85 for "Corps", from 150 for "British Regiments" and from 700 for "Canadian Regiments". 

1914 Star with Clasp