German First World War Veterans Pin:

The stickpin measures 28mm across the vaulted wings with a 45mm knurled brass stickpin (slightly bent). The eagle features a black cross - some of enamel is missing - with a swastika below and is made of aluminium . The back is marked Ges Gesch with the number 6 slightly obscured by the pin. The maker is Fritz Zimmermann of Stuttgart (indicated by the number 6 stamped on the reverse of the swastika).

The stickpin is either a 1st World War veteran's pin issued in World War II, or alternatively a  KYFFERHAÜSERBUND MITGLIEDSABZEICHEN -  Third Reich Veterans Association stickpin depending on what web site you visit.
The stickpin was given to me by my father for my medal and war badge collection. How or when it came into my father's possession is not known.
Disclaimer: The depiction of the Swastika on this page in no way reflects any sympathy for the Third Reich. It is included as a historical piece of European history only.