Stockwell War Memorial::

Herbert Robert Albert Barnes is remembered on the Stockwell War Memorial and the Stockwell War Memorial website has been created to research the names of all the soldiers on all the war memorials in the Stockwell area.

The website lists the names of all the soldiers on the Stockwell war memorials and provides where possible background information including details of service, where and when they died and also where they were living before joining the Colours.

A news article in the Daily Mail in December 2009 stopped people in the street and asked them if they knew where their War Memorial was. Many did not know and one shopkeeper had no idea where the memorial was, even though it was just across the road from his shop.

Websites like the Stockwell War Memorial help to remind us all of the sacrifice made by the soldiers of Great Britain in not just the First World War but also the Second War World and all wars subsequent.

Herbert Robert Albert Barnes died fighting in France in 1918. Apart from a letter written by Herbert's cousin by marriage Violet May Barnes (17th September 1906- 22nd August 1999) he is unknown in the family history. Now that he has been discovered I am determined that he will not be forgotten. The other soldiers honoured on these memorial must not be forgotten either.   
  Stockwell War Memorial