The Sunken Road:

The Sunken Road as it is today (11th November 2008) and how it was on the 1st July 1916
The sunken road was in No Man's land on the morning of the 1st July 1916. Its position made it too dangerous to hold by either side, though the Germans probably held the advantage through their dominance of the higher ground.  The Lancashire Fusiliers would have been advancing from left to right. The German's position, called the Bergwerk, was slightly to the right of the small British Cemetery on the hillside. By 03:00 hours on the 1st July 1916 two companies of the Fusiliers had moved into the Sunken Road. The British bombardment was still going on and this would have helped keep German patrols away. At 07:20 hours the Hawthorn mine was detonated and the British artillery bombardment stopped because on the far side of the hill the 2nd Royal Fusiliers were rushing the crater. By now it was broad daylight and the Germans had already spotted the Lancashire's waiting down below them. The German artillery put down a bombardment of their own. At 07:30 hours - ZERO hour - the Lancashire's rose up out of the Sunken Road moving leftwards out of the above photo. They were cut down within a matter of metres.