George Barnes:

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This photograph is the 'carte de viste' format and is believed to date to around the early 1860's. This is possibly a photograph of George Barnes (seated) and his family, George was a farm labourer in the 1860's and would have been 58 in 1865. If this is George then the two boys are George's youngest sons John and Henry. The woman standing is most likely George's daughter Ann, who was born in 1841.  

The photographer Francis Dann can be found on the 1861 and  1891 census for Reading as a "Photographic Artist"  Francis was born in Birmingham in 1818 and he may have been working in Reading prior to 1861. F H Dann and Co are listed on the 1899 Berkshire Trades & Professions Directory as being at 35 Broad Street and 744 Oxford Road, Reading. This photograph is thought to have been taken between 1865 and 1868. Francis' son-in-law Henry Lewis is shown on the 1891 census as a photographic artist at the same address.