Guerra & Sons::

I was contacted recently by a chap called Denzil Lobo of Mhow, Central India. As a resident of Mhow, an English teacher by profession and an amateur local historian he is collecting memories and pictures of Mhow and of the people who came to Mhow to preserve the history of the area. Denzil found the Barnes Family website from an Internet search while searching for more information on a George Alfred Barnes who was a train driver in Mhow in 1917. Gunner Charles George Thomas Barnes served in the 2nd Sussex Battery in Mhow in 1915 and I was pleased to send Denzil scanned copies of both the photographs shown below. As you can clearly see both photos feature the name of the photographer - Guerra & Sons, Mhow C.I.
I asked Denzil if he might know where the photographs were taken and if he knew anything of Guerra& Sons. Imagine my surprise when I read his reply - Denzil is part of the Guerra family, it was his great grandfather that started the business and Dezil's grand uncles that later carried on the business.

What an amazing coincidence, it is highly likely that it was one of Denzil's grand uncles that took the photos of my grand uncle!