Holloway Family:

  The mystery of just who is in this family group is at last solved! This is indeed a photograph of a part of the Holloway family. Seated are Edward Holloway, the son of George Quin Holloway and Elizabeth Locock. (Edward is my great granduncle) He is holding his son Edward Victor (my first cousin, twice removed). Seated alongside Edward is his wife Frances Louisa with their daughter Ella. The four children standing behind are from Frances Louisa'a first marriage. There is an address on the reverse which appeared to read "Mrs C. Holloway, 2 Qamory Court Street, Blandford, Dorset". The address is actually 2 Damory Court Street. The details of this family group were kindly provided by Daniel Wood - Edward Victor Holloway is his grandfather.
  Edward Victor 'Vic' Holloway