Old maps of Heckfield, Mattingley and the farms once worked by the Barnes family. Some farms exist to this day. The pictures of Tooting, Streatham and Sutton in 1874 and Belmont in 1871 show where my branch of the Barnes family were to live a hundred years later. This page uses Javascript to open the bigger image in a new window. Your browser may block active content. To enable these images to open you should permit active content.

Heckfield 1575 Heckfield 1607 Heckfield 1611
Heckfield 1645 Heckfield 1690's Heckfield 1788
Heckfield 1875-1877 Clays Farm Brick Kiln Farm
Mattingley Streatham 1874 Belmont 1871

On the map of Belmont in 1871 you will see the California Arms (a pub) and the California Station. The California Arms was built by John Gibbons. John Gibbons had gone to America in 1850 during the Gold Rush (1848 to 1864.)and made his fortune selling goods to the gold prospectors. When he returned to Belmont he built the California Arms on land he had purchased in 1849.  The California was hit by a bomb on the 16th April 1941 - the current building dates from 1955. I remember visiting the California Arms with my parents in the 1960's. The pub has now been renamed to The Belmont. The railway station was on the London Brighton South Coast Railway and was opened on the 22nd May 1865 and named after the nearby inn. It was renamed to Belmont Station on the 1st October 1865.

Sutton 1874