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The Holloways:

Elizabeth Holloway, born in 1865 was my great grandmother, marrying my great grandfather, Charles John Barnes on the 25th March 1894 at the Holy Trinity Church in Trinity Road, Tooting. There is a story in the family that tracing the Holloway family line would be difficult as the Holloway's changed their name from Quin to Holloway. This has proved to be correct! 

Here is what is known about the Holloways (including recent updates provided by Daniel Wood in July 2021).

On Elizabeth Holloway's birth certificate for 1865 and of that of her younger siblings Charlotte born in 1868 and George Edward born in 1870 the parents are shown as George Holloway and Elizabeth Holloway, maiden name Locock.  All three were born in the registration district of St. Andrew's, Holborn. George and Elizabeth were married in the parish church of St. Martin's in the Fields on the 2nd June 1861 (this is corroborated by my grandaunt Freda who said that they were married in "The Strand"). The marriage certificate names the groom as George Quin Holloway and the father of the groom is named as John Quin Holloway (this is believed to be an error, as Georges father is a James Quin) The marriage certificate has "full age" for George and "minor" for Elizabeth - she was eighteen. George was over the age of twenty-one and his birth year may have been between 1837 and 1839. Elizabeth (1865) wasn't their first child, Charlotte Ann Quin Holloway was born in 1861, but sadly died in 1863 (this information kindly provided by Daniel Wood, a descendant of the Holloway family). There was another child, Edward born on the 2nd May 1874 and possibly stillborn children in 1872 and 1876. The witnesses to the marriage of George and Elizabeth are Edward Holloway and Mary Ann Holloway. Mary Ann Holloway was formerly Locock and the older sister of Elizabeth. Edward Holloway is believed to be the uncle of George Quin Holloway.

On the 1871 census, George living at Union Terrace, St. Andrew's, Holborn is shown as "John Holloway". Also in the household are his wife Elizabeth and daughters Elizabeth (aged 4), Charlotte (aged 2) and George (aged 1).  George is recorded as "John". The address in 1871 fits with the birth certificates of both girls and the census lists Elizabeth birthplace as "Blandford" (Dorset) so I am certain "John" Holloway in 1871 is the George Quin Holloway in 1861.

Elizabeth died in the November of 1876, her death registered by her husband George. The cause of death is recorded as secondary haemorrhage parturition - so Elizabeth died after childbirth (most likely stillborn). George seems to have died sometime between November 1876 and March 1877 with the three older children then being admitted into the Holborn Union Workhouse (which was in the Grays Inn Road) on the 28th March 1877. They were then moved to the Industrial School in Mitcham, Surrey on the 2nd April 1877. Edward was only two years old when his mother died and he wasn't admitted into the Holborn Union Workhouse but was taken to live with his uncle in Blandford Forum, Dorset where he lived his whole life. Charlotte and George are listed in the 1881 census as inmates of the Industrial School in Mitcham, which was part of the Holborn Union Workhouse. Charlotte is aged thirteen and George is aged ten. Both are shown as being born at St. Andrew's, Holborn. Elizabeth is not listed as being in the Holborn Union Industrial School at Mitcham, but in the Metropolitan Infirmary in Margate, Kent, where her birthplace is shown at the Holborn Union. In fact many of the children have their birth place recorded as the Holborn Union which leads me to believe that this is the orphaned Elizabeth - the birth place indicating not her place of birth but the workhouse that sent her to the infirmary. 

Charlotte (apparently) never married, although she did have children; Emily (born 1907), 'Dolly' and Richard 1915? (Dick).  Birth entries for both Dolly and Dick have yet to be found. Charlotte died in 1934 aged 66 and she is buried in Wandsworth Cemetery.  On Charlotte's death certificate, the person providing information to the registrar is her daughter 'D. Holloway'. Emily went on to marry Frederick George West on the 15th December 1934. Her father is recorded on her marriage certificate as one John Holloway, deceased, a former tram driver (on Charlotte's death certificate she is recorded as the widow of John Holloway, deceased, occupation tram driver).  Frederick West may have died sometime between 1934 and 1942 as Emily has a son by another man. As the son is still living as at 2021, no further information will be published.

At sometime Elizabeth went into service for a Mrs Wilson*  marrying Charles John Barnes in 1894. Elizabeth died in 1953 and Charles died in 1956. 

George Edward Holloway, the younger brother to Elizabeth and Charlotte married Elizabeth Jane Bavridge on the 2nd August 1896 at St. Pauls Church in the district of St. Mary's Newington. A witness to their wedding is Thomas George Barnes - the older brother of Charles John Barnes, who married Elizabeth Holloway, George's older sister in 1894. They had four children of which two died shortly after birth; the children were Ethel, born 1898, died 1898, George William Edward, born 1902, Leonard Clarence, born 1904, died 1904 and Constance Elizabeth, born 1909. George William Edward was possibly married in either 1920 or 1921. Constance Elizabeth and possibly married a William J Browning in 1935.

*Mrs Wilson - a Sarah Elizabeth Wilson was a witness at Elizabeth's marriage to Charles John Barnes. Could this be the Mrs Wilson that Elizabeth worked for? 
The 'Quin' that appears on the marriage certificate of George and Elizabeth is interesting, it's an odd middle name and his father John is shown with the same middle name. I have found in some cases of illegitimate children, the child is given the fathers surname as their middle name. This may well be the case here. Another thing of note is that the signature on the marriage certificate for George Quin Holloway appears as "J Q Holloway" not as the expected "G Q Holloway".  The family story about tracing the Holloway family line is certainly true; whoever it was that was researching the family history in 1926 must have had the same difficulties.

UPDATE: July 2021
Was the name of George's father on his marriage certificate correct? Is John Quin Holloway correct or should it be James Chamier Quin? James Chamier Quin married Charlotte Holloway in 1840 but their son George was born before his parents married and (as stated above) took his fathers surname as a middle name and his mothers name of Holloway. George kept the Holloway name even after his parents married. This would explain the story of the name change in the Holloway family and the difficultly found in tracing the Holloway family. The birth certificates for Elizabeth (1865) and Charlotte (1868) are copies issued in 1926. The birth certificate for George Edward Holloway has now been added.


Census Entries:

1861 Census - Registration district STRAND
Elizabeth LACOCK, aged 20, single, a domestic servant living at 73 Dean Street, St Anns, Westminister. Birth place - Dorset.

1861 Census - Registration district BLANDFORD
Robert LOCOCK, head, aged 62, married, an ostler, born Bridport, Dorset
Ann LOCOCK, wife, aged 51, born Blandford, Dorset
Robert LOCOCK, son, aged 25, single, blacksmith, born Blandford, Dorset
William LOCOCK, son, aged 10, single, errand boy, born Blandford, Dorset

This  is Elizabeth's family.  Elizabeth was in the Blandford Union Workhouse on the 5th January 1843. Elizabeth was just 18 when she married in the June of 1861 (the age in the 1861 census was incorrectly reported). The age shown on the 1871 census is correct.

1871 Census - Registration district HOLBORN
John Holloway, head, aged 32, born London
Elizabeth Holloway, wife, aged 27, born Dorset
Elizabeth Holloway, daughter, aged 4, born London
Charlotte Holloway, daughter, aged 2, born London
Geo Holloway, son, aged 1, born London..