The Wooldridge and the Goslings:

Edward Wooldridge was my great grandfather and married my great grandmother, Catherine Elizabeth Gosling in the October of 1897. The story in the family is that the Gosling's were bakers from Wales.

Here is what we know about both families.

Catherine Elizabeth Gosling was born in 1875 in Gloucester, her father James Gosling appears on the 1881 census for Bedminister, Somerset as a "wood machinist (sawyer). This corresponds with his occupation as noted on his daughter marriage certificate - "machinist".  Edward Wooldridge was born in Farnham, Surrey in 1876 and on the marriage certificate his occupation is shown as baker.

Edward's father, Walter, born 1855 is on the 1881 census as living at 62 Downing Street, Farnham and his occupation is a baker.  Edward's grandfather, William Wooldridge born 1823 can be found on the census for 1841, 1851, 1861 and 1881 where his occupation is a painter and glazier. However, Edward's great grandfather,  Benjamin Wooldridge can also be found on the 1841, 1851 and 1861 census where his occupation is that of "miller" - appropriately enough living for some years in Mill Lane, Holybourne, Hampshire.

Gloucestershire borders with Wales and it would seem that this element of the truth has been confused with the Wooldridge family - Edward and his father Walter both being bakers. (see UPDATE below)  However, it seems that being a baker was not to Edward's liking because on his daughter's birth certificate in 1906, he is described as a "coachman - not domestic". The family were living in Eardley Road, Streatham at that time and it is said that Edward was running his own business from the stables behind the Greyhound pub which is on the corner of Greyhound Lane and Streatham High Road - just a twenty minute walk from Eardley Road.

I have frequently the Greyhound pub myself back in the mid-1970's - Saturday evenings in the cellar bar (decked out with coffins for tables) and Sunday morning's in the "Fanny By Glasslight" bar.

At least four different inns called "Greyhound" have been on the same site since the 1700's. It was described in 1744 as a "publick" house - the common term for all manner of wickedness!  The current building was rebuilt in 1930.
** UPDATE ** June 2008
It seems there is truth in the story that the Goslings were bakers in Wales after all; Gillian Church (nee Gosling) has contacted me through Genes Reunited and provided information that shows that at least one of the Gosling family - Walter Henry Gosling, born on the 24th May 1895 did indeed manage a bakers shop in Cardiff. In the Gosling family it is believed that the shop was given to Walter Gosling by the Wooldridge family. I am not sure that this part of the story is true as although the Wooldridge's were millers and bakers, they lived and worked in Hampshire, Surrey and later London. It would seem unlikely that the Wooldridge family had a bakers shop in Cardiff as well. Gillian is my 2nd cousin, once removed. 
** UPDATE ** July 2008
In a further twist to the tale, John Jackson, who is also researching the Wooldridge family has provided information from the 1901 census which shows that Edward and wife Catherine were living in Wandsworth with their first two children, Walter and Bertha - both are listed as being born in Cardiff. Edward and Catherine were married at St. Saviours Church, Battersea in the October of 1897 at which time Edward's occupation is that of baker, however on the 1901 census he is listed as a "coachman - domestic". Having married in London in the October of 1897, Edward and Catherine moved to Cardiff where Bertha was born in April-May-June of 1898 but by early 1901 are back in London !

I have found a likely entry for Bertha in the births index - June quarter 1898 Cardiff. A birth date in 1898 tallies with the age shown on the 1901 census - 3 years old. However, Walter is apparently listed as being aged 5 - which would put his birth before his parents marriage. I have not found any matching entry for Walter's birth for Cardiff, but some likely later matches in London.
**UPDATE ** August 2008
My good friend and fellow family historian Kieran Sidley suggested I check for trade directories for Wales. Amazingly, I had a trade directory for Cardiff for the years 1893-1894 on a Your Family Tree cover disk. A search produced the following entries:-
GEORGE E GOSLING, 41 Charles Street
JAMES GOSLING, "machinist", 13 Bertram Street, Roath
CHARLES WOOLDRIDGE, 21 Russell Street, Roath

Unfortunately, the occupations of George E Gosling and Charles Wooldridge are not listed. However, these entries show that the Gosling and Wooldridge families were in the same area of Cardiff at the same time.
**UPDATE** June 2011
I have received an email from Chris Grant, who is currently researching the Gosling family. He has provided me with a lot of information that is going to take some time to digest! Watch this space for a family update.