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This page shows various historic events taking place since the Norman Conquest.  Our family interest currently begins at the end of the seventeenth century.

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1000 Alhazen invents the pinhole camera.
1066-1087 William I (The Conqueror) House of Normandy  
1087-1100 William II
1100-1135 Henry I
1135-1154 Stephen
1154-1189 Henry II House of Plantagenet 
1189-1199 Richard I (The Lionheart)
1199-1216 John
1216-1272 Henry III
1272-1307 Edward I  
1307-1327 Edward II 
1327-1377 Edward III
1348 The Black Death arrives in Britain.
1377-1399 Richard II 
1399-1413 Henry IV House of Lancaster
1413-1422 Henry V
1415 25th October, the Battle of Agincourt. The final phase of the Hundred Year's War between Britain and France.
1422-1461 Henry VI
1461-1483 Edward IV House of York
1483 Edward V
1483-1485 Richard III
1485-1509 Henry VII House of Tudor
1509 The reign of Henry VIII begins.
1538 Parish records start by order of the Vicar-General, Thomas Cromwell.
1547 Henry VIII dies and Edward VI becomes King of England.            
1553 Mary succeeds to the throne.
1558 At the age of 18, Elizabeth becomes Queen of England - last of the Tudor Monarchs.
1563 Plague hits London - 80,000 die.
1564 April 23rd - Shakespeare is born.
1578 Another outbreak of the Plague.
1588 30th July the Battle of Gravelines - the destruction of the Spanish Armarda.
1593 And another outbreak of the Plague.
1599 Shakespeare's Globe Theatre is built in London.
1603 James the First of the House of Stuart becomes King of England and Scotland (as James IV).
Yet more Plague.
1605 5th November Gunpowder Plot foiled and Guy Fawkes arrested.
1606 Bonfire Night celebrated on the 5th November.
1607 Walter Raleigh founds the English colony of Jamestown,Virginia in America.
1609 Johann Kepler introduces a lens to the pinhole camera.
1613 June 29th - the Globe Theatre is destroyed by fire.
1614 The rebuilt Globe Theatre opens.
1615 Convicted persons were offered a pardon on condition of transportation to America.
1616 Shakespeare dies.
1620 The Pilgrim Fathers sail from Plymouth on the 16th September in the Mayflower. They were headed for Virginia but were blown off course and landed at Cape Cod on November 21st. They subsequently renamed Cape Cod, "Plymouth Rock". They finally reached the site that was to become the Plymouth Colony on December 21st.
1625 King Charles I takes to the throne.
"The Great Outbreak of Plague".
1636 Plague.
1642 August. English Civil War begins - Roundheads versus Cavaliers. Which side are the Barnes family on?
The Globe Theatre closes.
1649 January 30th. Charles I loses his head and England becomes a Commonwealth/protectorate
1651 September 3rd. Charles II flees abroad and the English Civil War ends.
1653 England is a Protectorate under Oliver Cromwell.
1657 April - the Battle of Santa Cruz  - a devastating victory over the Spanish at Santa Cruz (Canary Islands).
1658 Oliver Cromwell dies and Richard Cromwell takes over but only till 1659.
1660 The Monarchy is restored and Charles II (House of Stuart) becomes King.
1664 October 28th the Marines were founded.
1665 The Great Plague hits London and 100,000 die as a result.
1666 2nd September. London burns in the The Great Fire.
1667 Edward Barns born February at Stratfield Saye.
1684 Mary Paise baptised 4th March at Stratfield Saye, Hampshire.
1685  James II reign begins and then ends in 1688.
1689 William and Mary become joint rulers.
The Bill of Rights - a statement of positive rights that the authors considered the citizens and/or residents of a constitutional monarchy ought to have.
1694 William III (House of Orange).
Edward Barnes born in Stratfield Saye, Hampshire
1702 Queen Anne.
1707 1st May. England and Scotland join to form the Kingdom of Great Britain
1714 George I (House of Hanover).
Edward Barnes marries Mary Paise 30th September 1714 at Stratfield Saye.
1718 Transportation to America standardised at 14 years for those entitled to conditional pardons.
1720 Sarah Barnes baptised 27th October at Stratfield Saye.
1721 Sir Robert Walpole - Prime Minister 1721 to 1742
1722 Mary Barnes baptised in Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, 27th December, daughter of Dew and Sarah.
1727 George II.
Johann Heinrich Schulze discovers that silver nitrate darkens on exposure to light.
1742 Earl of Wilmington - Prime Minister 1742 to 1743
1743 Henry Pelham - Prime Minister 1743 to 1754
1744 Sarah Barnes baptised 24th July in Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, daughter of John and Sarah Barns.
1746 John Barns baptised 22nd June in Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, son of John and Sarah Barns.
1748 Dew Barnes baptised 10th September in Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, son of John and Sarah Barns.
1750 The beginning of the Industrial Revolution.
Mary Barns, baptised 29th June at Stratfield Saye, daughter of John and Sarah Barns.
1752 George Barns, son of John and Sarah Barns, baptised 8th Oct at Stratfield Saye.  He dies in 1754.
1752 was the first year that the New Year began on the 1st January. In previous years the New Year started on March 26th.
1754 Thomas Barns baptised 28th April in Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, son of John and Sarah Barns.
Thomas Barns buried 10th May.
George Barns buried 15th May.
Sarah Barns buried 15th May.

Duke of Newcastle - Prime Minister 1754 to 1756
1756 Duke of Devonshire - Prime Minister 1756 to 1757
1757 Judith Barns, daughter of John and Sarah Barns baptised 29th May at Stratfield Saye.
Duke of Newcastle - Prime Minister 1757 to 1762
1760 25th October, the coronation of George III (Mad George - pronounced insane in 1810).
1762 Earl of Bute - Prime Minister 1762 to 1763
1763 George Grenville - Prime Minister 1763 to 1765
1765 Marquis of Rockingham - Prime Minister 1765 to 1766
1766 Earl of Chatham - Prime Minister 1766 to 1767
1767 Duke of Grafton - Prime Minister 1767 to 1770
1770 Lord North - Prime Minister 1770 to 1782
1772 April 20th John Barnes marries Judith Read in Stratfield Turgis, Hampshire
1772 December 27th John Barnes, son of John and Judith born in Heckfield
1775 The War of American Independence begins.
1776 America declares Independence on the 4th July. This stops the sending of convicts to America.
Sarah Barns baptised on the 27th October, the daughter of John and Judith.
1777 Charles Barns, son of Mary Barns baptised 8th June at Stratfield Saye. Illegitimate.
1779 Elizabeth Barnes, daughter of John and Judith, baptised 7th March 1790 at St Mary's Hartley Wespall.
1780 A survey conducted in 1780 revealed that the electorate in England and Wales consisted of just 214,000 people - less than 3% of the total population of approximately 8 million.
Lucy Miles Barnes, daughter of Judith Barnes baptised 3rd September at Stratfield Saye.  Illegitimate.
1781 Mary Barnes, daughter of John and Judith, baptised at St Mary's Hartley Wespall 11th November 1781
1782 Marquis of Rockingham - Prime Minister 1782
Earl of Shelbourne - Prime Minister 1782 - 1783
George Washington orders the establishment of the "Badge of Military Merit" on the 7th August. This is the original 'Purple Heart' medal.
1783 The War of American Independence ends on the 3rd September.
Duke of Portland - Prime Minister 1783
William Pitt the Younger - Prime Minister 1783 to 1801
1784 Dew Barnes, son of John and Judith, baptised 21st March 1784, St Mary's Hartley Wespall.
1786 William Barnes, son of John and Judith, baptised 12th March 1786, St Mary's Hartley Wespall.
1787 Transportation resumes but to a new destination - Australia. In May 1787, 750 convicts including 200 women sail to Australia on the "First Fleet".
1788 Ann Barnes, daughter of John and Judith, baptised 11th May 1788, St Mary's Hartley Wespall.
William Barnes, brother of Ann is buried 4th May 1788.
1789 George Washington - First American President takes office on the 30th April.
1790 George Barnes, son of John and Judith, baptised 19th September 1790, St Mary's Hartley Wespall.
The Second Fleet of convicts arrives in Australia - of 1,000 convicts set out, only 750 survived the journey. 
1793 Lucy Barnes, daughter of John and Judith, baptised 10th March 1793, St Michaels, Heckfield.
1795 William Barnes, son of John and Judith, baptised 13th September 1795, St Michaels, Heckfield.
1797 John Adams - the second President of the United States takes office on the 4th March.
1799 Lucy Barnes, daughter of John and Judith is buried on the 13th May 1799.
1800 Thomas Wedgewood makes sun 'photograms' from silver nitrate solutions on leather.
1801 27th July - John Barnes marries Mary Hunt.
Henry Addington - Prime Minister 1801 to 1804
Thomas Jefferson - third President of America, March 4th.
1802 The Marine regiment is granted the "Royal" title.
1803 16th May - Britain declares war against France.
1804 William Pitt the Younger - Prime Minister 1804 to 1806
Spain declares war on Britain.
1805 Napoleon's planned invasion ends in defeat on the 21st October 1805 at the Battle of Trafalgar.
Nelson is hit by a musket ball at 13:15 and dies at 16:30 when victory is assured.
1806 Lord Grenville - Prime Minister 1806 to 1807
1807 21st June - George Barnes is born to John and Mary.
Duke of Portland - Prime Minister 1807 to 1809
25th March Abolition of the Slave Trade Act passed. The captain of any ship found transporting slaves would fined 100 for every slave aboard ship. This meant the many slaves were thrown overboard when a Royal Navy ship was sighted. Between 1807 and 1866 the Royal Navy captured over 500 slave ships.
1809 Spencer Perceval - Prime Minister 1809 - 1812.
Battle of Talavera 28th July.
James Madison becomes the fourth President of the United States, March 4th.
1812 On 11 May 1812, while on his way to take part in a debate on the Orders in Council passed by Portland's ministry, Perceval was shot in the lobby of the House of Commons by John Bellingham. He was the only Prime Minister to have been assassinated.
Perceval was succeeded by the Earl of Liverpool - Prime Minister 1812 to 1827.
1815 The Napoleonic War ends with Wellington and Blucher defeating Napoleon's at Waterloo on the 18th June.
1817 James Monroe - fifth President of the United States, March 4th.
1819 Heckfield Park, the manor house for the village of Heckfield is renamed Highfield Park. Since 1819, it has formed part of the Stratfield Saye estate of the Duke of Wellington. In October/November 2006, I attended a training course at Highfield Park!
1820 George IV.
1825 John Quincy Adams the sixth President of the United States, March 4th.
1827 George Canning - Prime Minister 1827
Viscount Goderich - Prime Minister 1827 - 1828
1828 Duke of Wellington - Prime Minister 1828 to 1830
1829 Andrew Jackson becomes the seventh President of the United States on March 4th.
1830 William IV.
Earl Gray - Prime Minister 1830 to 1834
1832 The Reform Act of 1832 gives the vote in towns only to men who occupy property with an annual value of 10, excluding six adult males out of seven from the voting process.
George Barnes marries Elizabeth Banks on the 12th April.
1833 The founding of a single fire fighting force; the London Fire Engine Establishment.
1834 Slavery was abolished in the British West Indies and Cape Colony (South Africa) on 1 August 1834, leading the way to the abolition of slavery in other British colonies during the 19th and 20th centuries. However many former slaves were apprenticed to their former masters for four years, so most slaves weren't officially free until the 1st August 1838. Former slave owners, including the Church of England received compensation.
Viscount Melbourne - Prime Minister 1834
Sir Robert Peel - Prime Minister 1834 to 1846
Henry Fox creates permanent negative images.
1833 George Barnes is born to George and Elizabeth.
1836 William Barnes is born to George and Elizabeth 10th January 1836.
1837 Victoria, aged 18 becomes Queen of England.
Civil Registration of births, marriages and deaths begins.
Martin Van Buren - the eighth President of the United States takes office on March 4th.
Louis Daguerre creates images on silver-plated cooper.
1838 Thomas Barnes is born on the 3rd October 1838.
1840 1st May. Introduction of the Penny Black, first official adhesive postage stamp of the United Kingdom.
1841 Census.
William H. Harrison becomes the ninth President of the United States on March 4th (he died 30 days later).
John Tyler becomes the tenth President of the United States on April 4th.
1843 April 30th to May 16th. The Battle of Campeche, a naval battle between the forces of Mexico and the Texas Republic.
1845 James K Polk, eleventh President of the United States takes office on the 4th of March.
1846 Lord John Russell - Prime Minister 1846 to 1852
1849 Zachery Taylor - the twelfth President of the United States takes office on the 4th of March.
1850 Millard Fillmore becomes the thirteenth President of the United States takes office on the 9th of July.
1851 The Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace.  Census.
Frederick Scott Archer invents the collodion process for glass plates.
Colt produces the Colt Navy (.36 calibre) black powder six shot revolver.
1852 Earl of Derby - Prime Minister 1852
Earl of Aberdeen - Prime Minister 1852 to 1855
1853 Franklin Pierce, the fourteenth President of the United States takes office on the 4th of March.
1854 28th March Britain and France declare war on Russia - the Crimean War starts.
25th October - The Charge of the Light Brigade.
1855 Viscount Palmerston - Prime Minister 1855 to 1858
1856 The Crimean War ends.
1857 James Buchanan - the fifteenth President of the United States takes office on the 4th of March.
1858 Earl of Derby - Prime Minister 1858 to 1859
1859 Viscount Palmerston - Prime Minister 1859 to 1865
1861 13th February. Mary Barnes (nee Hunt), widow of John Barnes, dies aged 83 years.
Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States takes office on the 4th of March - he is assassinated on April 15th 1865.
The American Civil Wars starts on April 12th with an attack by the Confederates at Fort Sumter.
1863 6th December Thomas Barnes marries Jane Arlott.
1864 Thomas George Barnes is born on 11th September to Thomas and Jane. They are living in Reading, Berkshire.
1865 Earl Russell - Prime Minister 1865 to 1866
Andrew Johnson, the seventeenth President of the United States takes office on the 15th of April.
The American Civil War ends on April 9th. 620,000 soldiers have died in the conflict.
1866 9th September George Barnes is born to Thomas and Jane.
Earl of Derby - Prime Minister 1866 to 1868
1867 Thomas and Jane Barnes move to London.
Second Reform Act gives vote to two out of every five Englishmen.
1868 Benjamin Disraeli - Prime Minister 1868
William Gladstone - Prime Minister 1868 to 1874
1869 Ulysses S Grant, the eighteenth President of the United States takes office on the 4th of March.
1870 Education Act - education for most children under the age of 13.
1st October, postcards are introduced into Britain.
1871 Charles John Barnes is born to Thomas and Jane.
1874 George Barnes, born 1807 is buried on the 10th May, Heckfield.
Benjamin Disraeli - Prime Minister 1874 to 1880
1877 Rutherford B Hayes becomes the nineteenth President of the United States takes office on the 4th of March.
1880 William Gladstone - Prime Minister 1880 to 1885
1881 James Garfield - the twentieth President of the United States takes office on the 4th of March - he is the second President to be assassinated.
Chester A Arthur becomes the 21st President of the United States takes office on September 19th.
1884 Third Reform Act extends voting rights to all male house owners in urban and rural areas.
1885 Marquis of Salisbury - Prime Minister 1885 to 1886.
Grover Cleveland - 22nd President of the United States takes office on the 4th of March.
1886 William Gladstone - Prime Minister 1886
Marquis of Salisbury - Prime Minister 1886 to 1892
1888 Between 31st August and 9th November Jack the Ripper kills five prostitutes in East London.
Mary Ann Nichols - August 31st.
Annie Chapman - September 8th.
Catherine Eddowes (alias Mary Ann Kelly) September 30th.
Elizabeth Stride September 30th.
Mary Jane Kelly November 9th.
1889 Benjamin Harrison - the 23rd President of the United States takes office on the 4th of March.
1892 William Gladstone - Prime Minister 1892 to 1894
1893 Grover Cleveland (second term) - 24th President of the United States takes office on the 4th of March.
1894 Charles John Barnes marries Elizabeth Holloway.
Earl of Rosebery - Prime Minister 1894 to 1895
1895 Marquis of Salisbury - Prime Minister 1895 to 1902
1896 Ernest John Barnes is born to Charles John and Elizabeth Barnes.
1897 William McKinley - 25th President of the United States takes office on the 4th of March - he is assassinated September 14th 1901.
1899 The Boer War begins.
1900 Kodak Brownie box roll-film camera introduced.
1901 22nd January, Victoria dies and Edward VII becomes King.  Census.
Theodore Roosevelt - 26th President of the United States takes office on September 14th.
1902 The Boer War ends.
Arthur Balfour - Prime Minister 1902 to 1905
26th June, the coronation of Edward VII.
1905 Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman - Prime Minister 1905 to 1908
1908 Herbert Asquith - Prime Minister 1908 to 1916
1909 William H Taft - 27th President of the United States takes office on the 4th of March.
Freda Barnes (Elizabeth Freda Victoria Barnes) is awarded the King's Medal for school attendance.
1910 George V (a Saxe-Coburg until 1917)
1911 Freda Barnes (Elizabeth Freda Victoria Barnes) is awarded the King's Medal for school attendance.
1913 Woodrow Wilson - 28th President of the United States takes office on the 4th March.
Freda Barnes (Elizabeth Freda Victoria Barnes) is awarded the King's Medal for school attendance, conduct and industry.
1914 28th June, Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated in Sarajevo, Serbia.
28th July, Austro-Hungary declares war on Serbia. Russia mobilises it army in Serbia's defence.
1st August, Germany views the Russian mobilisations as an act of war against Austro-Hungary and declares war on Russia.
3rd August, France, bound by treaty to Russia finds itself at war with Germany and Austro-Hungary.
4th August, Germany invades Belgium so as to reach Paris by the shortest possible route.
4th August Britain under the 1839 Treaty of London and obligated to defend Belgium declares war on Germany and World War 1 begins.
22nd August, the British Expeditionary Force arrives in France.
23rd August, Japan honouring an agreement with Britain, declares war on Germany.
25th August, Austro-Hungary declares war on Japan.
29th August, Charles George Thomas Barnes enlists in the Royal Field Artillery Territorial Force (Worthing, West Sussex).
Late 1914, the first official "On War Service" badge, The Admiralty Badge is issued to essential shipyard workers.
1915 William Edward Barnes enlists in the 5th Battalion, Royal Berkshire Regiment.
1st June 1915 Private Ernest John Barnes of the 2nd Battalion, East Surrey Regiment arrives in France.
28th July William Edward Barnes arrives in France.
Gunner Charles George Thomas Barnes is serving in Mhow, India.

Early 1915, the War Office, Ministry of Munitions issues the "On War Service 1915" badge to workers essential to the war effort.
22nd April, the German Army release 168 tons of chlorine gas - the first poison gas attack in military history. Approximately 6,000 French and colonial troops died within ten minutes, primarily from asphyxiation subsequent to tissue damage in the lungs.
15th July, the Government passes the National Registration Act to stimulate recruitment into the Army
11th October, Lord Derby is appointed Director-General of Recruitment. He put forward the Derby Scheme.
1916 1st July the Battle of the Somme begins. 19,240 die that first day - the total loss including wounded, prisoners and missing was 57,470.
Wounded in the Battle of the Somme, L/Cpl William Edward Barnes is discharged under Kings Reg's 392 "unfit for service". He is awarded the Silver War Badge number B23452.

David Lloyd George - Prime Minister 1916 to 1922
27th January. National Military Service Act introduced, all British males between the ages of 18 and 41 and unmarried are deemed to have enlisted.
May, the War Office, Ministry of Munitions issues the "On War Service 1916" brooch to women working in the munitions factories.
25th May. The National Military Service Act is extended to include married men.
September. Under Army Order AO316, the Silver War Badge was instituted to be issued to soldiers who had been honourable discharged under Kings Regulations 392.  
1917 6th April. America enters the First World War
7th June, the Battle of Messines - 240,000 casualties.
25th June, American troops arrive in France.
4th July, Private John Edward Barnes is executed for desertion. 
31st July to 10th November, Passchendaele - The Third Battle of Ypres. British and Empire forces advance five miles.
1918 Kaiser Wilhelm II established the first German Military Wound badge (Verwundetenzbzeichen) on March 3rd, 1918, with a the declaration stating that it would be presented in 3 grades.  It was awarded in black for one to two wounds, in silver for three to four wounds, and in gold for five wounds or more.
21st August, Allied troops back through the German line at Albert in Belgium.
5th October, the Allies capture the Hindenburg Line, Germany's last line of defence.
9th November, Kaiser Wilhelm abdicates. 
Armistice Day - 11th November 1918. Hostilities cease. 947,000 soldiers from the British Empire have been killed.
Women's Suffrage - women over the age of 30 get the vote.
1918-1919 The Spanish Flu pandemic kills an estimated 40 to 50 million people.
1919 29th May Private Ernest John Barnes is demobilised.
28th June. The Treaty of Versailles is signed. The war is officially over.
11th December. Charles George Thomas Barnes is discharged under Kings Regs 392 "unfit for service" and is awarded the Silver War Badge number 482934. He has served in India and Mesopotamia (around Baghdad and Basra). He has served five years and 105 days with the colours.

The Two Minute Silence to remember the war dead is introduced.
1920 Firearms Act - the introduction of a registration system partly due to fears of a surge in crime that might have resulted from the large number of guns available and in part due to fears of working class unrest. (A large number weapons in circulation and a large number of men that knew how to use them).
1921 Warren G Harding - 29th President of the United States takes office on March 4th. He dies on the 2nd August 1923.
1922 Andrew Bonar Law - Prime Minister 1922 to 1923
1923 Stanley Baldwin - Prime Minister 1923 to 1924.
Calvin Coolidge - 30th President of the United States takes office on August 2nd.
1924 Ramsey MacDonald - Prime Minister 1924
Stanley Baldwin - Prime Minister 1924 to 1929
1928 Women's Suffrage - women over the age of  21 get the vote.
1929 Ramsey MacDonald - Prime Minister 1929 to 1935
Herbert Hoover - 31st President of the United States takes office on the 4th March.
1931 William Henry Barnes marries Violet May Welch in the Parish Church of Pakefield, Suffolk.
1932 Horace Barnes marries Lillian Margaret Phillips at St. Stephens Church, Battersea.
1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt - 32nd President of the United States.
1935 Stanley Baldwin - Prime Minister 1935 to 1937
1936  King Edward VIII reigns briefly before abdicating to marry Mrs Simpson.
The reign of George VI begins.
1937 Neville Chamberlain - Prime Minister 1937 to 1940
1938 The Air Raid Precautions Service is established
1939 3rd September. Britain declares war on Germany and World War II begins.
Neville Chamberlain retires to Highfield Park and lives there until his death.
1940 Sir Winston Churchill - Prime Minister 1940 to 1945.
14th May, Anthony Eden in his first speech as Secretary of State for War asks for volunteers for the Local Defence Volunteers.
Operation Dynamo, the Allied evacuation of 340,000 troops from Dunkirk, begins. The operation lasts until the 3rd June.
23rd July. The Local Defence Volunteers are renamed as the "Home Guard".
7th September, "Black Saturday" - British cities are bombed.
8th September - the records storage facility at Arnside Street, Southwark is bombed, destroying many WW1 Servicemen's records.
9th November. Neville Chamberlain dies at Highfield Park
1941 4th March. Ernest Barnes (my father) receives commendation from the West Sussex Home Guard.
20th May, the Home Guard mounts guard at Buckingham Palace to celebrate their first anniversary.
18th August, the National Fire Service is formed.
America enters World War II after Japanese forces attack the American Fleet at Pearl Harbour.
Between the 7th December and the 22nd September 1943, the Purple Heart medal was awarded to American servicemen both for wounds received in action against the enemy and for meritorious performance of duty.
1942 First commercial colour film introduced.
The first War Dog School is opened. By June 1944, 7,000 dogs have been trained to take messages or sniff out mines or find people in bombed buildings.
1943 20th May, the Home Guard mounts guard at Buckingham Palace to celebrate their second anniversary.
The founder of the Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) Maria Dickin, introduces the Dickin Medal - the "Animals VC". Between 1943 and 1949, 54 medals are awarded.
1944 Ernest Harold William Barnes joins the Royal Navy.
September, the Home Guard is stood down.
December 3rd, a final parade of the Home Guard takes place. 
1945 7th May Victory in Europe (VE Day) Germany surrenders.
10th June, Civil Defence Services are stood down.
14th August Victory in Japan (VJ Day) Japan surrenders.
War leaves 50 million dead, including 15 million soldiers, 20 million Russian civilians, 6 million Jews and 4 million Poles.
Clement Atlee - Prime Minister 1945 to 1951
Harry S Truman becomes the 33rd President of the United States takes office on April 12th.
December 31st, the Home Guard is disbanded.
1948 The Civil Defence Act establishes the Civil Defence Corps.
1949 The Auxiliary Fire Service is reactivated.
1950 The Korean War begins on the 25th June.
There are calls for the Home Guard to be re-established.
1951 Sir Winston Churchill - Prime Minister 1951 to 1955.
December, amid the fears of the Cold War, the Home Guard is revived as a cadre force, a skeleton organisation of trained men and women to act as the basis for an expansion when required.
1952  Elizabeth Windsor becomes Queen Elizabeth II.
1953 Dwight D Eisenhower - 34th President of the United States.
The Korean War ends on the 27th July.
1955 Sir Anthony Eden - Prime Minister 1955 to 1957
Michael Peter Barnes is born.
1957 Harold Macmillan - Prime Minister 1957 to 1963
July 31st - the (revived) Home Guard is stood down.
1960 Lynn Patricia Barnes is born
1961 March, the Civil Defence Long Service Medal is instituted. Only 14,164 were issued in the UK. There is a variant of the medal in Malta, Gibraltar and Hong Kong.
John F Kennedy - 35th President of the United States - he will be assassinated on November 22nd 1963.
1963 Sir Alec Douglas-Home - Prime Minister 1963 to 1964
Lyndon B Johnson - 36th President of the United States is sworn into office, November 22nd.
1964 Harold Wilson - Prime Minister 1964 to 1970
1968 January 16th, Prime Minister Harold Wilson announces that Civil Defence would be placed "on a care and maintenance basis". This save 14 million in 1968/69.
March 31st, the Civil Defence Corps is disbanded. A noble service sacrificed because of financial expediency.
April 1st, the Auxiliary Fire Service is disbanded.
December 24th. William Henry Barnes is pronounced dead on arrival at St. James Hospital, Balham.
1969 Richard Nixon -37th President of the United States takes office on January 20th.
1970 Edward Heath - Prime Minister 1970 to 1974
1974 Harold Wilson - Prime Minister 1974 to 1976
Gerald Ford becomes the 38th President of the United States takes office on August 9th.
1976 James Callaghan - Prime Minister 1976 to 1979
1977 Jimmy Carter - 39th President of the United States takes office, January 20th.
1979 Margaret Thatcher - Prime Minister 1979 to 1990
1980 Louise Andrea Barnes is born
1981 Ronald Reagan - 40th President of the United States. January 20th.
1982 The Falklands War. 2nd April to the 25th June.
The Home Service Force (HSF) is formed to aid a reduced Regular Army in the guarding of key UK points.
Cheryl Ann Barnes is born
1986 July. Charles George Thomas Barnes dies.
November. Elizabeth Freda Victoria (Aunt Freda) dies.
1987 Michael Reece Barnes is born
1989 George H W Bush - 41st President of the United States. January 20th.
1990 John Major - Prime Minister 1990 to 1997.
The 1st Gulf War, 2nd August to 28th February 1991.
1991 First commercial digital camera introduced.
25th December, the end of the Soviet Union - the Cold War is finally over.
1993 Bill Clinton - 42nd President of the United States. January 20th.
With the end of the communist threat and the reorganisation of the Territorial Army, the Home Service Force is disbanded.
1997 Tony Blair - Prime Minister 1997 to 2007
31st August - Princess Diana is killed in a car crash in France.
6th September - the country comes to a standstill as Princess Diana's funeral takes place.
1998 The Good Friday Agreement. Peace in Northern Ireland 10th April.
2001 George W Bush - 43rd President of the United States takes office on January 20th.
September 11th - a series of attacks are carried out against the United States. Two hi-jacked jet aircraft are flown into the World Trade Centre towers, a third crashes into the Pentagon.
October 7th - the U.S. with U.K. forces launches Operation Enduring Freedom against Afghanistan. The stated purpose of the invasion was to capture Osama bin Laden, destroy al-Qaeda, and remove the Taliban regime which had provided support and safe harbour to al-Qaeda.
2003 The 2nd Gulf War, 20th March to the 1st May. Coalition forces, mostly U.S. but with U.K. and troops from other countries invade Iraq in a search for weapons of mass destruction (never found) and to effect regime change by removing Saddam Hussein from power.
U.K. troops are now committed to both Afghanistan and Iran.
2006 September -Cooper Michael Chesworth is born
October/November. I am on a training course at Highfield Park in the village of Heckfield where my great great great grandparents lived.
U.K. troops remain stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq.
2007 Gordon Brown - Unelected Prime Minister.
U.K. troops are still fighting in Afghanistan, against the Taliban and in Iran against insurgents.
2008 May - We leave London behind to live in West Sussex - a short walk from the beach.
July - George Barnes is born.
August 11th - my youngest daughter Cheryl marries Scott, with the ceremony taking place in Congleton. I am a proud Father of the Bride.
November 10th to 12th. Cousin Colin (visiting from Australia) and myself attend the 90th Anniversary of the Armistice at Thiepval.
U.K. service personnel are still in Afghanistan and Iraq.
2009 January 22nd - Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th President of the United States, the first African-American to be elected President. Like myself he is left-handed.
April 30th British troops leave Iraq.
October 19th Cassie Barnes dies.
2010 March 10th 'Korky' Barnes sadly dies.
May 6th Gordon Brown - out, Cameron and Clegg in.
British troops fighting in Afghanistan - 307 killed (as at 23rd June).
2011 April 15th - the birth of Henry Barnes
September. Janice and I are married at the Findon Manor Hotel, West Sussex.
December - Mason Frimley is born
2012 January - Ila Helena, a new member of the family arrives down under!
2014 October 26th. British combat forces leave Afghanistan after 13 years and 453 lives lost. Wing Commander Matt Radnall of the RAF's 7 Force Protection Wing is the last man to leave. Camp Bastion, the massive Army base in Helmand Province has been handed over to the Afghan National Security Force. Around 500 British troops will train Afghan Army officers in a mission codenamed Operation Toral. The war has cost 37 billion. 
2015 7th January, twelve people are killed in an attack on the offices of the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine. The three gunmen involved in the attack claim links to Al-Qaeda. #jesuischarlie.
9th September, Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest reigning British monarch with a reign of 63 years, seven months and two days.
28th September, NASA announces that liquid water has been found on Mars.
2016 7th February. North Korea launches a long range rocket into space, violating multiple U.N. treaties.
21st March. President Barack Obama visits Cuba, the first time a sitting U.S. President has done so since Calvin Coolidge in 1928.
23rd June. The United Kingdom votes in a referendum to leave the European Union.
Result LEAVE 51.9% (17,410,742 votes) REMAIN 48.1% (16,141,241 votes). The total number eligible to vote is 46,500,001, the turn-out is 72.2%.
24th June. David Cameron resigns as Prime Minister.
11th July. Theresa May becomes Prime Minister.
3rd September, the U.S. and China, responsible for 40% of the worlds carbon emissions join the Paris global climate agreement.
2017 20th January, Donald John Trump is inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. 
11th February. North Korea fires a ballistic missile over the Sea of Japan.
29th March. Article 50 is triggered. Votes for 498, votes against 114. 612 MP's voted. 
25th July. Britain is to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2040. Hybrid vehicles are exempt.
Note: fuel tax raises 27.9bn, 4% of tax revenue.
A Year of Terror Attacks.
March 22nd. In an attack at Westminister Bridge, four pedestrians are killed by a car driven by Khalid Masood, who then fatally stabs Keith Palmer, an unarmed police officer on duty at Parliament Square. Masood is shot dead by an armed police officers.
May 22nd - twenty-two people are killed when suicide bomber Salman Abedi detonates a homemade device filled with shrapnel in the lobby of the Manchester Arena at an Ariana Grande concert. The youngest victim, Saffie Roussos was just eight years old.
June 3rd. Rachid Redouan, Khuram Butt and Youseff Zaghba drive a van into pedestrians on London Bridge, then get out and run into Borough Market stabbing people with long knives. Eight people are killed. All three terrorists are shot dead by armed police.
June 19th. A man drives a van into a group of Muslim worshippers outside the Finsbury Park Mosque as they were leaving after Ramadam night prayers. One man is killed and several others are injured. The driver of the van is arrested and charged with terrorism offences.
September 15th. Parsons Green. At least eighteen and maybe as many as twenty-nine people are injured when an improvised explosive device is detonated by Ahmed Hassan on a crowded London Underground train. Most victims suffered flash burns.
Maureen Ellen Barnes November 2nd.
2018  Something important must have happened in 2018 and I'll update this entry as soon as I find out what it was.
15th January. The EU Withdrawal Agreement is defeated in Parliament. Votes against 432, votes for 202.
14th February. Another vote on the EU Withdrawal Agreement is defeated. Votes against 391, votes for 242.
29th March. Third vote on the Withdrawal Agreement - defeated for a third time. Votes against 344, votes for 286.
24th May. Theresa May resigns as Prime Minister.
24th May. Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister.
31st October. New date for the UK to leave Europe.
31st January 2020 is now the new, new date for the UK to leave Europe.
24th October. With Parliament blocking BREXIT, Boris Johnson calls for a General Election - Parliament finally votes yes to hold an election.
6th November. The Liberal Democrats announce plans to upgrade the energy efficiency of 26 millions homes by 2030. This will apparently save householders 550 per year. Should I upgrade my double glazing now, or wait until after the election?
15th November. Jeremy Corbyn announces plans to nationalise BT to provide everyone with free broadband by 2030. 715 million is wiped off BT shares.
29th November. Two people are killed and three wounded in a knife attack carried out by Usman Khan. Khan, a convicted terrorist was out on license when he attended a prisoner rehabilitation conference at Fishmonger' Hall. Khan is shot dead by police.
12th December - Election Day!
13th December. The Conservative Party win a large majority, Labour loses and loses big, seats in the Labour heartland that they have held for decades have voted Conservative - Labour have lost four elections in a row (and have only won three elections out of the last eleven - all three under Tony Blair's New Labour). The value of the pound rises - sterling hits a 19 month high - and the Stock Market is up. Lib Dem leader Jo Swinton loses her seat. The SNP win an additional 13 seats bringing their total to forty-eight of the sixty in Scotland.
2020 Twenty-twenty has been pretty well cancelled due to the corona virus COVID-19!
2nd February. Three people are stabbed in Streatham, South London. The attacker, Sudesh Mamoor Faraz Amman was shot dead by police. He had recently been released from prison where he had been serving a sentence for terror offences.
March - the UK goes into lockdown.
20th June. A mass stabbing is carried out in Reading, Berkshire by 25 year Libyan born Khairi Saadallah. He attacked 'at random' two groups of people in Forbury Gardens, Reading. Saadallah used a kitchen knife with a five inch blade and his victims sustained injuries to the eye, neck, head and back. Saadallah was arrested thirty minutes later on murder charges - three of his victims had died. However, he was later rearrested under the Terrorism Act 2000. On the 11th November, Saadallah admitted three counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder. He was later sentenced (January 21st 2021 to a whole life sentence.
November - Donald Trump loses the Presidential election to Joe Biden. Some believe Biden stole the election, that may well be true.
2021 The year starts where 2020 left off with the entire country in lockdown.
January 20th. Joe Biden is inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States.
March 2nd. I have my first COVID-19 vaccination at the Brighton Centre (Brighton, East Sussex).
March 7th. Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah is broadcast in the U.S. 
March 8th. In the first in the coming out of lockdown roadmap, pupls return to school.
March 8th. The Meghan Markle interview with Oprah is broadcast on the UK's ITV channel. Oh dear, this is going to end in tears for someone.
2022 Ernest Harold William Barnes November 4th.