Wrong Ones:

These are the birth, marriage and death certificates that were thought to relate to family members but once obtained found not to be the case, or in the case of John Sculpher not who I though it would be. A brief explanation accompanies each certificate.
1841 Ann Barnes birth
A great great grandaunt. I think that Ann was never registered so no chance of finding the real birth certificate. Ann was baptised in the October of 1841.
1854 Alice Louise Martin birth 1st Attempt
Alice Martin is my maternal great grandmother.  Alice was married in October 1872 aged 18. This birth certificate for Bermondsey seemed to fit the known facts - only to find that it didn't. 
1854 Alice Martin birth 2nd Attempt
Looked at Alice again and decided that as she was living in Bethnal Green at the time of her marriage she born in neighbouring Shoreditch. Unfortunately that wasn't right either.
1854 Alice Mary Martin 3rd Attempt
Finally found Alice and husband John Schulpher - name spelt wrongly on the 1881 census. The birthplace for Alice was given as Chatham, Kent.  FreeBMD shows entry for Alice Mary Martin, Gravesend, Kent - seemed like a good match so certificate ordered. However, a later search on the 1881 census for father John brings up an entry for Milton-By-Gravesend which includes a Alice Mary Martin, aged 26 and single.  Wrong again!
1862 John Sculpher birth
Thought to be the birth certificate for my great grandfather but turned out to be my first cousin twice removed! So I suppose not that much of a wrong 'un.
1865 George Barnes birth
Originally thought that George was the son of Thomas and Jane and the brother of Thomas and William. Found that son Thomas was actually Thomas George!
1876 Elizabeth Barnes birth
Elizabeth is my great grandaunt, but sadly this is not her birth certificate. I haven't found the correct birth certificate.
1879 Ernest John Barnes birth
Thought to have been the birth certificate of my great granduncle (Elizabeth's younger brother) but sadly not. His actual birth certificate was found - he was born in 1878.
Thought to be the son of Thomas George Barnes and his wife. A letter in the family states that one of the son of Thomas and Annie died in the 1st World War. A Robert Harry Barnes died on the Somme in 1917 - and although not part of our Barnes family this may well be his birth certificate. Robert Harry didn't enlist until after 1915 and a birth date in 1899 would fit with someone not old enough to join in 1914 or 1915. 1909 Thomas Wilkins/Ellen O'Shea. Thought to be Ellen's first marriage, sadly not.  Ellen was actually married in 1918 to William Leech, a soldier in the Royal Fusiliers. 1911 Ernest Barnes marriage. Thought this to be the marriage of Thomas and Jane's son Ernest, born 1878. Found out later that he in fact died in 1882 of measles.  1915 Thomas Barnes death
This was thought to be the death certificate for my great great grandfather Thomas Barnes born 1838. He appears in the 1901 census for Wandsworth and his family continued to live in the Wandsworth district after 1901. The correct death certificate has been found, Thomas died in 1917. 
1916 John William Barnes birth. As his mothers maiden name was Clayton, I thought John William may be a brother to Lilian Grace. Sadly this was not the case. Note fathers occupation - private in the 24th County of London Regiment. A Territorial Army regiment - the same regiment that Herbert Albert Robert joined in 1916. 1918 Laura Barnes death. Thought to be the death certificate of Lizzie Laura Blanch Barnes. Not the case.