Our Mum:

Norina Ellen Sculpher born 28th November 1930, better known as Maureen and to friends and her adopted family as 'Renee'. These photographs have recently (February 2023) come to light and date from the 1930's up to 1950. All but one of the photographs shown here were marked on the back as to where and when they were taken. Harriett Ruddell is Mum's adopted mother and mother to Joan, born March 1932. I have also included here photographs and other items from Mum and Dad's wedding in 1955. Photos are presented here as thumbnails, clicking on an image will load a larger version.
Aged 1 year 7 months
June 27th 1932
Aged 1 year 10 months
September 1932
Hop Picking with
Joan and Harriett Ruddell
Aged 9. 1939
Canterbury Road School
25th May 1943 Mum (aged 12)
and her sister Joan (aged 11)
4th March 1946
Aged 16
16th December 1946
Aged 16
10th February 1947
Aged 16
24th April 1947
August 1947
Hampton Court
June 1948
Butlins Holiday Camp, Clacton
June 1948
Butlins Holiday Camp
August Bank Holiday 1948
Easter 1949
Brighton Beach
Easter 1949
Brighton Beach
July 1949
Pontins Holiday Camp
July 1949
Pontins Holiday Camp
4th September 1949 (aged 18)
Petticoat Lane, London, with Joan (aged 17)
Dated March 1949 With sister Joan
at the seaside!
Both photographs obviously taken at the same time but both undated. Assuming they were taken late 1940's, early 1950's.
July 1950
Croydon, with sister Joan (on the right)
August 1950
Petticoat Lane, London, with Joan
Bill for the Engagement Ring June 1954
(Discovered in 2023)
Bill for the Wedding Ring December 1954
(Discovered in 2023)
Wedding Day
1st January 1955
The Wedding Breakfast The Wedding Breakfast Paid For!

July 1958
Romford Market