Certificates: Births:

Birth certificates date from the 1st July 1837 (September quarter) when civil registration took over from church parish records. However, registration was not compulsory until 1875 so some early birth records may be missing. The intention is to obtain certificates for as many members of my direct ancestors as possible (see The Ancestors - page opens in a new window) and others that are of interest. You will note that on some of the earlier certificates an 'X' is often found as the mark of the mother/father. The majority of birth certificates presented here are copies obtained from the Records Office since 2003. However, some are scans of original period documents and a few are scans of certificates obtained as a result of family history research in the 1920's and perhaps earlier - the 1842 Jane Arlott baptismal certificate is dated 12th June 1911.

Certificates are presented here as thumbnails, if you click on the thumbnail image it will display in a new window. 

Many thanks to Patricia O'Shea for the O'Shea and McCarthy certificates and Robert Brian Sculfor for the Sculfor family certificates.
1838 - 1849      
Thomas Barnes 1838
Son of George & Elizabeth
Robert McCarthy 1839
Eliza Allford 1839
Marries Robert McCarthy in 1863 / 1872
Charles Sculpher 1842
Jane Arlott 1842
Marries Thomas Barnes  in 1863
Jane Arlott Baptism 1842 Elizabeth Locock 1843 John Barnes 1845
Son of George & Elizabeth
John Sculpher 1848      
1850 - 1869      
Sarah Marlow 1853 James Gosling 1854 Mary Barnes 1854
Daughter of George & Elizabeth
Alice Martin 1855
Walter Wooldridge 1855 Jane Taylor 1857 Ellen McCarthy 1863 Henry Patrick O'Shea 1864
(father Philip, born 1826, Ireland, Limerick)
Thomas George Barnes 1864
Son of Thomas & Jane
Elizabeth Holloway 1865
Marries Charles John Barnes in 1894
William Barnes 1866
Son of Thomas & Jane
Charlotte Holloway 1868
Miriam Barnes 26th June 1869
Dies 8th August 1870
George Edward Holloway 19th July 1870
Son of George and Elizabeth
1870 - 1889      
Lizzie Laura Blanch Clayton 1870
Later marries William Barnes in 1896
Charles John Barnes 1871
Son of Thomas & Jane
Mary Ann Barnes 1874
Daughter of Thomas & Jane
Edward Wooldridge 1876
Marries Catherine Elizabeth Gosling
Catherine Elizabeth Gosling 1876
Marries Edward Wooldridge
Henry Barnes 4th October 1877
Dies 23rd November 1877
Ernest Barnes 10th October 1878
Dies 17th February 1882

Florence Barnes 8th June 1881
Dies 26th July 1888
Annie Jane Barnes 1886
Daughter of Thomas & Jane
Florence Mary Ann Barnes 1888
Daughter of Thomas George and Annie Jane
William Thomas Sculpher 1888
My maternal grandfather.
1890 - 1909      
Thomas Charles Barnes 1890
Son of Thomas George & Annie Jane
Ellen O'Shea 1892
My maternal grandmother.
Ethel Kate Elizabeth Barnes 1894
Daughter of Thomas George and Annie Jane
Charles George Thomas Barnes 1895
Ernest John Barnes 1896
Original, now faded.
Ernest John Barnes 1896
Lilian Grace Barnes 1897
Daughter of William & Lizzie Laura
David Cyril Butterworth 1897
Herbert Albert Robert Barnes 1898
Died France 18th Sept 1918
William Herbert Barnes 1898
Son of William and Blanche
Elizabeth Freda Victoria Barnes 1901
Daughter of Charles John
George Thomas Forster 1904
Son of Annie Jane & George
William Henry Barnes 1905
'Uncle Bub'. Son of Charles John
Olive Kathleen Wooldridge 1906
Original, now faded.
Violet May Welch 1906
Marries William Henry Barnes in 1931
Horace Barnes 1907
'Uncle Jack'. Son of Charles John.
Emily Holloway 1907
Daughter of Charlotte Holloway
1910 - 1942      
Sybil Ena Butterworth 1919 Agnes Rawlings (nee Challenger) 1924
Baptismal (birth year 1896)
Jean Elizabeth Barnes 4th Dec 1932
Dies 13th December 1933
N A Butler 1942