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Family Photographs: Page Eight: - 'Navy Days'

No attempt has been made to arrange the photographs in chronological order. Dates and locations are included where known. Additional links are provided if the back of the photograph has some interesting detail. All pictures will open in a new window and some make take a while to load on low speed links.  Photographs of my father E.H.W. 'Sonny' Barnes taken during his service in the Royal Navy and later in the Merchant Navy.

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HMS Pheasant, Gibraltar, Christmas 1944. The Stokers of number 9 Mess :  'Lofty' Snell, Jimmy James, Harry Fawley, 'Ginger' Hodgins, Leading Stoker Drew,
Crosby, Doyle, Viney, Ernest 'Sonny' Barnes (aged 17), Bullock, 'Swede' Anson, 'Jock' Nee, 'Three Badge' Rochester.
HMS Pheasant
Pennant 'U49'
Built Yarrow and launched 21st December 1942.
A modified Black Swan class sloop.
Survived the war and was scrapped in 1963.
HMS Black Prince
Launched: August 27th 1943
The Black Prince is named after Edward (1330-1376) the eldest son of King Edward III
Jock and Sonny
Panama City 
From left to right
Steve Wayne, Sonny Barnes, Steve Carpenter
Photo taken at HMS Duke
Training Establishment
Christmas Card (Front)
HMS Pheasant 1946
Christmas Card (Inside)
HMS Pheasant 1946
A Sailors Prayer 'Sonny' Barnes
 aka Ernest Barnes
Taken off Curacao
Dutch West Indies
It's pouring with rain!
  Pitcairn Island Taken at "Lone Pine"
About 20 miles from Brisbane
Allegedly the view from
35 Daleside Road
Pitcairn Island "Matoroa"
Shaw Saville Line
19th July 1948
Ernest Barnes
Taken at Mount Inviting
North Queensland
Ernest Barnes (centre)
Taken at Mount Inviting
North Queensland
Merchant Navy Lapel Badge
As worn by Sonny Barnes
Post War