Marriage Certificates:

Marriage certificates date from the 1st July 1837 (September quarter) when civil registration took over from church parish records. However, registration did not become compulsory until 1875 so some early records may be missing. The intention is to obtain certificates for as many of my direct ancestors as possible (see The Ancestors - page opens in a new window) and others that are of interest. Most of the certificates shown here have been obtained since 2003, however some are scans of original period documents and some are scans of certificates obtained as a result of family history research in the 1920's by Charles George Thomas Barnes (my great uncle Charlie). 

Certificates are presented here as thumbnails, if you click on the thumbnail image it will display in a new window. 
William Marlow
Harriett Izzard 1838
John Gosling
Elizabeth Annis 1845
William Wooldridge
Matilda Martin 1846
Benjamin Taylor
Catherine Morris 1847
Philip O'Shea
Mary Murphy 1851
George Quin Holloway
Elizabeth Locock 1861
Note the witnesses.
Thomas Barnes
Jane Arlott 1863
Walter Wooldridge
Sarah Marlow 1872
Robert McCarthy
Eliza Alford 1872
John Sculpher
Alice Martin 1872
James Gosling
Jane Taylor 1873
Thomas George Barnes
Annie Canmore 1887
Henry O'Shea
Ellen McCarthy 1888
Charles John Barnes
Elizabeth Holloway 1894
Mary Ann Barnes
William James Tocock 1894
William Barnes
Elizabeth Laura Blanch Clayton 1896
George Edward Holloway
Elizabeth Jane Bavridge 1896
Edward Wooldridge
Catherine Elizabeth Gosling 1897
George Edward Welch
Annie May Rippin 1903
Annie Jane Barnes
George Forster 1904
Florence Mary Ann Barnes
John Llewellyn Jones 1908
Jessie Sculfor
Gustave De Leeuw 1911
Thomas George Barnes
Annie Cattermole (nee Rippin) 1917
William Leach
Ellen O'Shea 1918
David Cyril Butterworth
Annie May Barnes 1919
Ethel Kate Elizabeth Barnes
Reginald Harold Lowe 1923
Harold James Druett
Elizabeth Fred Barnes 1925
Patrick O'Shea
Hilda Lucy White 1925
Charles George Thomas Barnes
Agnes Rawlings 1926
Ernest John Barnes
Olive Kathleen Wooldridge 1926
William Thomas Sculpher
Ellen Leach (nee O'Shea) 1929
William Henry Barnes
Violet May Welch 1931
Horace Barnes
Lillian Margaret Philips 1932
Emily Holloway
Frederick George West 1934