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Sources and Acknowledgements:

The central core of the Barnes family tree was constructed by my father, Ernest Harold William Barnes from his own knowledge and research of the family and from family papers inherited from other members of the Barnes family.  Without my fathers' research and knowledge of the family it would not have been possible to extend the family tree, which has been achieved using both on-line and traditional research material sources.

A special thank you to Colin Barnes, who has kindly given me documents relating to his Uncle Charles' First World War service, including his Army Book, Discharge and Silver War Badge certificates as well as a photograph taken in India of the battery that Charles served in.


The following people have provided invaluable information and help in compiling the Family Tree.
The Hampshire Descendants The American Descendants The Australian Connection The Holloway Family
Olive Small (nee Barnes)
John Barnes O.B.E
Lyn Kilian Colin Barnes Daniel Wood
The O'Shea Family The Sculpher Family The Fox Family The Ruddell Family
Patricia Young (nee O'Shea)
Maureen Barnes (nee Sculpher)
Maureen Barnes (nee Sculpher)
James Roach
Robert Brian Sculfor
Pam Granger (nee Fox) Jackie Cooper (nee Ruddell)
Maureen Barnes(nee Sculpher)
Ginnette Finerty (nee Rumbles)
The Gosling Family The Welch Family    
Gillian Church (nee Gosling) Simon Wones    
HMS Pheasant Military Cap Badges Bec School 1943-1950  
John Gillis & the U49'ers Jeremy Tenniswood Peter Tomblin  

Many thanks to all those that have got in touch regarding family history research, in no particular order;-
  • Stephan Clark (former class mate Bec School)
  • Michael Newman (former class mate, amateur photographer and chess player)
  • David Sookram (former class mate Bec School, chess player and ambassador to China)
  • Jim Hiscock, son of James Hiscock, ASDIC Operator on HMS Pheasant
  • Fraser Cunningham, grandson of Petty Officer Andy McLeod, HMS Pheasant
  • Chris Woods, researching the 1/1 Sussex Battery R.F.A. Territorials
  • Grace Keating of Nemeton TV, An Rinn, Co. Waterford, in connection with the TV programme 'Marbh Gan Tae'
  • Les Barnes, Johannesburg South Africa
  • Rev. B Anthony Hathaway-Taylor - be sure to visit www.empiretocommonwealth.webs.com
  • Charlene Murray, Cape Town South Africa
  • Dev Kumar of Mhow, Central India - read his blog here
  • Denzil Lobo of Mhow, Central India
  • Dan Barnes regarding the Portsea Island, Hampshire Barnes family
  • Hunter Barnes of the United States of America
  • Irene Butler of the United States researching the McSparren / Neal / Barnes families
  • Karren Buffam from the U.S.A. researching the Barnes family
  • Jacqui Sawada from New Zealand
  • Roy and Carina Jenkins from Australia
  • James M. Gray, Sons of Confederate Veterans Inc, Brisbane, Australia
  • Les Barnes, Haslingden, Lancashire Barnes family
  • Chris Grant from Spain researching the Gosling family
  • Linda Sandell
  • Matthew Barnes
  • Matthew Barnes of Portchester, Hampshire
  • Michelle Barnes
  • Jessica Barnes
  • Michael D. Barnes of Adobe Systems
  • Michelle Barnes, representing the West Sussex Barnes family (we might be related)
  • Naomi Klein, researching the Stockwell War Memorials. Be sure to visit Naomi's website.
  • Nicholas Ward, researching the First World War Shot At Dawn soldiers
  • Ray Barnes, nephew of Private John Edward Barnes
  • Roger Jenkins
  • Roy Barnes, researching the Honey Lane, London Barnes family
  • Tony O'Regan for information on the LCC School Attendance Medals
  • Gill Barnes
  • Joan Fletcher-Brown
  • Peter Tomblin, Bec School 1943 - 1950



    The following sources have provided valuable information in tracing the descendants of the Barnes Family and in providing content for this web site.
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    Index to the 1891 Hampshire Census Volume 21 (Printed material)
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    The 1841 census for Hampshire (CD set) S & N Genealogy Supplies
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    *Special thanks to Sutton Library Local Resources Centre
    for the use of their microfiche readers
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    The War Research Society
    Battlefield Tours, 27 Courtway Avenue, Maypole, Birmingham, B14 4PP
    For tours of the battlefields of the First and Second War Worlds. Extremely knowledgeable guides and the chance to met some very nice people. If you are looking to visit the battlefields of the First World War I would highly recommend the War Research Society. 
    On-Line Genealogy Resources  
    Genes Reunited
    The Wessex Family History web site (Heckfield Parish Records)  
    The Births, Marriages and Deaths Index http://www.bmdindex.co.uk
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    Peter Higginbotham's history of the workhouse
    An excellent resource for those researching the Poor Laws and the workhouses.
    The Stockwell War Memorial website http://www.stockwellwarmemorial.co.uk/
    First and Second World War Medals and Badges  
    World Medals - for original and high quality die struck reproduction medals. http://www.worldmedals.co.uk/home.htm
    Medal Yearbook 2008 / 2022 ISBN 978-1-870192-81-1 TOKEN Publishing Limited.
    Reproduction ARP Patch from Monty's Locker.
    Nice people to do business with. 
    Monty's Locker
    Other Genealogy Resources  
    Hampshire Records Office
    "Hampshire Papers"
    Formal and Informal Enclosures in Hampshire 1700 - 1900
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    Hampshire Records Office
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    Churchyards and Cemeteries  
    St Michael Heckfield 13th Century Anglican.  Served as parish church for both Heckfield and Mattingley until 1863. The churchyard was closed to new burials in 1885. Parish records date from 1538. Church Lane, Heckfield RG27
    Heckfield Cemetery Burials since 1885 on land donated by the Lord of the Manor at the time. Can be found on the B3349 almost opposite Church Lane. There is a small lay-by by the entrance (up some steps) to the cemetery.
    Mattingley Church and Churchyard
    Members of the Barnes family are buried in the churchyard at Mattingley, however it has not been possible to identify any graves belonging to the family.
    Converted from a 14th Century tithe barn
    Streatham Park Cemetery Located in Rowan Road, Streatham, CR4.
    Streatham Cemetery Located in Garratt Lane, Tooting