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This site contains the history of the Hampshire and London branches of the BARNES family, dating back to Hampshire in the late 1600's and London from about 1870.  Every effort has been made to ensure that the information here is accurate and where possible has been cross-referenced against census, civil registrations and parish records where available.  However, despite my best efforts mistakes do sometimes get made, so if you find any errors or omissions please let me know and I will correct them.  Details of current family members have been suppressed.

When I first started researching the family history it was with the intention of concentrating on just the BARNES family, however I also found myself researching other families that were related by marriage or in someway had a connection to our family, consequently this site also includes members of the O'SHEA, SCULPHER/SCULFOR/SCULFER, HOLLOWAY, WOOLDRIDGE, GOSLING and RUDDELL families, some in greater detail than others. Click on the links for the Holloway and Wooldridge/Gosling families for more information.  


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The descendants of Thomas Charles Barnes (born 7th May 1890 in Camberwell, London), one of four children born to Thomas George Barnes (1864 to 1922) and Anne Jane Kenmore (married 1887). Thomas Charles Barnes is shown on the 1901 census as living at number 23 Cobbett Street, Stockwell and on the 1911 census working as a butcher in Lambeth. Thomas Charles may have served in (and survived) the First World War.

Also searching for the descendants of the other children of Thomas George Barnes and Anne Jane Kenmore.

Florence Mary Ann Barnes, born on the 26th July 1888 in Kennington, London. I believed she did marry but haven't yet determined which marriage entry is the more likely.

Ethel Kate Elizabeth Barnes
was born on the 5th November 1894. Ethel Kate Elizabeth Barnes married Reginald Howard Lowe on 9th September 1923 and she died on the 18th September 1972. There may have been a son.

Family Members found - children of Thomas (1838-1917) and Jane Barnes (1842-1926)
Miriam Barnes, born 26th June 1869. Died 8th August 1870 of Rubella and Aphtha (mouth ulcer).
Henry Barnes, born 4th October 1887. Died 23rd November 1887 of Catarrh.
Florence Barnes, born 8th June 1881. Died 21st January 1887 of Bronchitis.




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