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This site contains the history of the Hampshire and London branches of the BARNES family, dating back to Hampshire in the late 1600's and London from about 1868.  Every effort has been made to ensure that the information here is accurate and where possible has been cross-referenced against census, civil registrations and parish records where available.  However, despite my best efforts mistakes do sometimes get made, so if you find any errors or omissions please let me know and I will correct them.  Details of current family members have been suppressed.

I started with the intention of concentrating on just the BARNES family, however I am also descended from the O'SHEA, SCULPHER/SCULFOR/SCULFER, HOLLOWAY, WOOLDRIDGE, GOSLING families and more besides, so those family connections are included here too as well as others that have a link to the Barnes family. Click on the links for the Sculpher/Sculfor/Sculfer, Holloway and Wooldridge/Gosling families for more information.  Click on links to see grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents, 3 x and 4 x great grandparents.
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The wife of Thomas George Barnes (1864 to 1922), Annie (nee Canmore  - they married in 1887) died on the 15th May 1914 at 33 Cobbett Street, Stockwell. Annie died of natural causes - "valvular disease of the heart", she was 49 years old. A post mortem was carried out by R.H. Wellington, the Deputy Coroner for London and an inquest was held on the 17th of May.  Thomas George then got married to Annie Cattermole (nee Rippin) on the 25th December 1917. Thomas George was 53 years old and his new wife Annie was 52 years old and a widow. This information fits with a letter from Violet May Welch (the granddaughter of Annie Rippin) and with the electoral register of 1920 that lists Thomas George and an Annie Barnes at 33 Cobbett Street. Violet May Welch was born in 1906, her parents George Edward Welch and Annie May Rippin having married in 1903. Annie May Rippin was aged 21 when she married. That gives a birth date of around 1881. In the 1891 census the household of Thomas and Jane Barnes shows an Annie May Rippin aged 9 - her mother being Annie Rippin - understood to be the later widow Annie Cattermole, who if 52 years old in 1917 would have been born around 1865 and a sixteen year old girl when her daughter Annie May was born. Annie Rippin's father was James William Rippin, a cooper and he may have worked at the Anchor Brewery with Thomas and perhaps Thomas George as well. This may explain why Annie May was with Thomas and Jane on the night of the 1891 census - friends of the family - perhaps another reason being that James William Rippin died in 1881. I've found a death certificate for James William Rippin, no next of kin recorded as his sudden death at 45 years old led to a coroner's inquest. I have not been able to find a likely marriage for James William Rippin and nor a birth certificate for Annie Rippin. Interestingly, a witness to the wedding of Thomas George and Annie Canmore in 1887 was one Annie Rippin. When Annie May Rippin married George Edward Welch, she gave her father as Edward Rippin - a butcher.  

Family Members found.
Edward Holloway, younger brother to Elizabeth, Charlotte and George. Born 2nd May 1874, died 5th December 1944.
Edward Victor Holloway, son of Edward Holloway. Born 25th July 1912, died 25th November 2002.
Emily Holloway, daughter of Charlotte Holloway was born on the 5th September 1907 and married Frederick George West on the 15th December 1934.
Miriam Barnes, born 26th June 1869. Died 8th August 1870 of Rubella (German Measles) and Aphtha (mouth ulcer).
Henry Barnes, born 4th October 1887. Died 23rd November 1887 of Catarrh.
Florence Barnes, born 8th June 1881. Died 21st January 1887 of Bronchitis.
Ernest Barnes, born 10th October 1878. Died 17th February 1882 of Measles.
William Herbert Barnes, son of William and Blanche, born 8th April 1898, died 12th August 1898. Died of diarrhoea and convulsions.
(The measles vaccine wasn't developed until 1963. The rubella vaccine was licensed for use in 1969).

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