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This site contains the history of the Hampshire and London branches of the BARNES family, dating back to Hampshire in the late 1600's and London from about 1870.  Every effort has been made to ensure that the information here is accurate and where possible has been cross-referenced against census, parish records and civil registrations.  However, despite my best efforts mistakes do sometimes get made, so if you find any errors or omissions please let me know and I will correct them.  Details of current family members have been suppressed of course for reasons of privacy.

When I first started researching the family history it was with the intention of concentrating on just the BARNES family, however I also found myself researching other families that were related by marriage or in someway had a connection to our family, consequently this site also includes members of the O'SHEA, SCULPHER/SCULFOR/SCULFER, HOLLOWAY, WOOLDRIDGE, GOSLING and RUDDELL families, some in greater detail than others. Click on the links for the Holloway and Wooldridge/Gosling families for more information.

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Many thanks to all those that have got in touch regarding family history research, in no particular order;-
  • Stephan Clark (former class mate Bec School)
  • Michael Newman (former class mate, amateur photographer and chess player)
  • Sookram (former class mate Bec School, chess player and ambassador to China)
  • Jim Hiscock, son of James Hiscock, ASDIC Operator on HMS Pheasant
  • Fraser Cunningham, grandson of Petty Officer Andy McLeod, HMS Pheasant
  • Chris Woods, researching the 1/1 Sussex Battery R.F.A. Territorials
  • Grace Keating of Nemeton TV, An Rinn, Co. Waterford, in connection with the TV programme 'Marbh Gan Tae'
  • Les Barnes, Johannesburg South Africa
  • Rev. B Anthony Hathaway-Taylor - be sure to visit www.empiretocommonwealth.webs.com
  • Charlene Murray, Cape Town South Africa
  • Dev Kumar of Mhow, Central India - read his blog here
  • Denzil Lobo of Mhow, Central India
  • Dan Barnes regarding the Portsea Island, Hampshire Barnes family
  • Hunter Barnes of the United States of America
  • Irene Butler of the United States researching the McSparren / Neal / Barnes families
  • Karren Buffam from the U.S.A. researching the Barnes family
  • Jacqui Sawada from New Zealand
  • Roy and Carina Jenkins from Australia
  • James M. Gray, Sons of Confederate Veterans Inc, Brisbane, Australia
  • Les Barnes, Haslingden, Lancashire Barnes family
  • Chris Grant from Spain researching the Gosling family
  • Linda Sandell
  • Matthew Barnes
  • Matthew Barnes of Portchester, Hampshire
  • Michelle Barnes
  • Jessica Barnes
  • Michael D. Barnes of Adobe Systems
  • Michelle Barnes, representing the West Sussex Barnes family (we might be related)
  • Naomi Klein, researching the Stockwell War Memorials. Be sure to visit Naomi's website.
  • Nicholas Ward, researching the First World War Shot At Dawn soldiers
  • Ray Barnes, nephew of Private John Edward Barnes
  • Roger Jenkins
  • Roy Barnes, researching the Honey Lane, London Barnes family
  • Tony O'Regan for information on the LCC School Attendance Medals
  • Peter Tomblin, Bec School 1943 - 1950

  • Thank you for taking the time to email me and good luck to you with your own family history research.

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